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Are you looking for an inexpensive Christmas Gift? If so, keep reading! This page contains a list of the best hoverboard under 200 dollars for 2017.

A 200 dollar hoverboard is a fantastic idea as a Christmas or birthday present or even as a treat for yourself. You may be considering going on a health kick as a new year’s resolution, or you may simply want to learn a new skill. Whatever your reason, a 200$ hoverboard is an excellent choice.

I’m sure you have heard about the problems associated with hoverboards (specifically their batteries) when they were first released onto the market in 2015; if you haven’t, click here for a background on what happened.  However, you can rest assured that hoverboard manufacturers have cleaned their act up and the American government have since introduced new laws to regulate the hoverboard market. So you can now feel confident that you are getting a hoverboard consisting of well-built and safe components that will provide you hours of enjoyment!

Purchasing a 200 dollar hoverboard is now much safer than it was back in 2015, however there are a few safety requirements that you are advised to follow when you become a hoverboard owner. Click here to review these safety requirements.

So what is the best hoverboard under 200? We have scoured the net looking for the best hoverboard under $200 that money can buy! We haven’t selected one particular hoverboard as our stand-out reviewed product. Each of our four best hoverboards under $200 have their own individual features which comes down to your individual choice and what you are looking for.

When you are considering the purchase of a 200 dollar hoverboard, you may want built-in Bluetooth speakers. Perhaps you are looking for a stylish appearance. Maybe it’s extra long battery life. Whatever your preferences are, we have each of our 200 dollar hoverboard’s features listed for you below.

Get in quick for Christmas and take a look at our list of the best hoverboard under 200 now!!!



  • Built in Bluetooth speaker
  • Anti-fire plastic material cover
  • 200w motor

This is a stylish UL certified hoverboard under $200 that will provide many hours of enjoyment and fun. It features Bluetooth speakers so you can ride and listen to your favourite music.

Charging time is approximately 2-3 hours with a maximum speed of 8-10mph. It is recommended that only children above 6+ ride the hoverboard and it has a maximum weight load capacity of approximately 220 lbs.

The hoverboard has been constructed with anti-fire plastic material as an added fire protection safety measure.

Summary: This is a fantastic low priced 200$ hoverboard that is a definite head turner!





  • Dual 350watt motors
  • Speeds of 9.6 mph
  • Gyroscope and acceleration sensor

Two words: unbeatable value. This is a 200 dollar hoverboard that boasts dual 350watt motors, all terrain aluminium alloy wheels and a lightweight design that can hold a maximum of 220lbs!

Added safety features include convenient LED lighting for night riding and non-slip foot padding for extra traction and stability.

Charging time for this super cheap hoverboard is approximately 2-3 hours which will give you a range of up to 9 miles.

The Veeko self balancing scooter also features a battery indicator to monitor your remaining battery life and also a fault indicator which will alert you to any problems you may encounter with your hoverboard.

Summary: The Veeko Hoverboard represents amazing value for money and is packed full of features. One of the best hoverboards for $200!  



  • Temperature sensor
  • Alarm for excessive speeds
  • LED lighting
  • Water resistant

Get in quick with the Surfus $200 hoverboard as this price may not last long! Another brilliant super cheap hoverboard packed full of features for a low price! The Surfus hoverboard comes in a range of hoverboard colors including matte black, matte red, matte blue and matte white.

best hoverboard under 200

Charging time takes approximately 1-2 hours. Please note: ensure you disconnect from the charger immediately upon full recharge, not just as a safety precaution but to ensure you don’t affect the overall battery life.

This awesome hoverboard for 200 dollars has been designed with a hard protective outer body and underbody casing and holds an IP34 water resistant rating, allowing you to ride through puddles without damaging your hoverboard.

It features a temperature sensor and can intelligently detect if the over-temp speed is too fast. The enhanced battery protection also monitors charging time. Once the device is fully charged, the protection mechanism will trigger and slow down and finally cut the power to prevent overcharging.

Summary: Very cool safety features all for the fantastic price of $200! Note: Bonus discounted price upon approval for the Amazon Rewards Visa Card – get in quick!

If you’re a beginner rider, check out this you tube video brought to you from Surfus!



  • Super long battery life: up to 12miles
  • Automatic shutdown after inactivity to preserve battery life
  • Balance detection for extra control and stability

This is a cool UL certified 6.5inch 200$ hoverboard. Stand out features include a battery life that will take you approximately 12 miles before you need to recharge, speaking of which only requires 2 hours charging time – quite impressive!  The max weight capacity is approximately 330 lb, suitable for larger-bodied people (recommended weight capacity of 280lb).

The Orkan Hoverboard features a max speed of 10km per hour and you will get approximately 2 hours of ride time; To get more out of your ride time, an impressive feature of this hoverboard is the Smart Soloware functionality that shuts down the hoverboard after several minutes of idle time to save battery life.

This stylish hoverboard under $200 is a head turner with its LED lighting and high quality coating. The 200 dollar hoverboard receives super-positive reviews on Amazon and customers are very happy with the product.

Take a look for yourself!

hoverboard $200

Thanks for reading our list of the best hoverboard under 200 dollars. We’ve found the top four 200 dollar hoverboards that will be an excellent addition to your list of tech gadgets that are making life so much easier! You no longer have to take your car or bike – ride your hoverboard instead. They are much lighter, far more environmentally friendly, significantly cheaper and riding a hoverboard will build your core strength and turn heads at the same time!

Don’t wait any longer, check out our 200 dollar hoverboards now!