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Welcome to Cheap Hoverboard Segway. Are you looking to buy a hoverboard for your child? If so, we have scoured the market and selected the top 5 best hoverboard for kids. We measured and reviewed our top 5 against specific criteria that are explained below.


The first criteria required was the hoverboard weight and the hoverboard weight limit. We eliminated all hoverboards that were deemed too heavy and as a consequence, our selected hoverboards are smaller and have a reduced hoverboard max weight. The benefit of a smaller hoverboard is that it is easier to control and balance for your child and it is easier to carry. Our top 5 hoverboards still have a generous weight limit which ranges from approximately 190-220lbs and if Mom and Dad wish to ride the hoverboard and they exceed the max hoverboard weight limit, that’s ok, it just means that there will be a reduced operational capacity of the hoverboard.


The next consideration was the safety of the hoverboard. As with all hoverboards on this website, UL2272 certification is essential, however we also took into account UL2271 battery certification which provides an assurance that the battery pack has undergone rigorous safety testing. Only one hoverboard on the market features a UL2271 certified battery pack which is the Swagtron T1. Additional safety criteria included frame construction. We only selected hoverboards that feature fire retardant or shatter resistant frames and rubber bumpers to protect the battery and motherboard from any unforeseen knocks that may occur.


All of the hoverboards in our top 5 feature one of three speed limit factors:

Learning mode: the hoverboard operates in two modes – one for learning and one for standard riding.

Reduced hoverboard speed: a lower top hoverboard speed in comparison to other hoverboards on the market

Speed alarm: to warn the rider that the hoverboard speed has exceeded the safe limit.


The final factor that we benchmarked was the functionality of the hoverboard. We wanted to ensure that we selected hoverboards with sophisticated gyro sensors to facilitate learning and riding of the hoverboard quicker, easier and smoother.


A hoverboard for your child is a fantastic gift idea and there are definite worthwhile benefits. In order to successfully ride a hoverboard, the key is balance. There has been a slow rise in the importance of balance over recent years with regard to human health and it is a skill that needs to be exercised continuously especially as we transition into old age. If we don’t use it, we lose it.

Hoverboard riding is also a very good core workout. Our core is the strongest part of our body and incredibly important to our overall health. A few benefits of improving core strength include: improved posture, prevention of back pain and protection of our inner organs.

Finally, mastering the skill of hoverboard riding is a big achievement. Watch your child’s confidence and happiness skyrocket upon learning to independently ride a hoverboard! Your child will undoubtedly love the gift of a hoverboard!

Our top 5 best hoverboards for kids have met or exceeded the criteria above. Now it’s time to take a look, watch the associated youtube clips videos and get in quick for Christmas! Thank you for reading our guide on the best hoverboard for kids. We value your feedback so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!



  • Non-skid footpad
  • IP54 water resistance rating
  • LED lighting

First off on our kids hoverboard reviews guide is this 6.5 hoverboard manufactured by Eyourlife is an ideal first hoverboard for kids. The safety features included for the RRP makes the Eyourlife Hoverboard fantastic value for money and includes a temperature control system, battery power-off protection and LED lighting for safe night riding.

It has a maximum speed of 6.5mph with a speed limit alarm to let you know that the safe speed limit has been exceeded.  Non-skid footpads and an ergonomic design allow for beginners to seamlessly learn the skills to control the hoverboard and the professionally tuned gyro-sensors facilitate this learning faster, safer and smoother.

It has been constructed with a shatter resistant polymer frame and fender bumper protection to provide additional unexpected impact protection to the battery.

Result: A fantastic beginner hoverboard that will ensure you are on your way to being an advanced rider in no time. This is why this hoverboard is in our top 5 best hoverboard for kids!




  • EverBalance technology for safe and easier mounting and smoother riding
  • LED light bar display and battery indicator
  • Operates in two riding modes – training and standard mode
  • Silent 350watt dual hub motors

The Razor Balance Board  is the perfect hoverboard for kids, manufactured by Razor, a reliable and trustworthy brand providing uncompromised quality products for many years. Furthermore, Razor was the first brand to achieve the UL2272 standard for its hoverboard.

It has been intelligently designed using EverBalance technology which enables auto-levelling, a feature unique only to this hoverboard by Razor. The auto-level technology makes riding safer, easier to mount and ensures a smoother and more balanced ride, making it a fantastic hoverboard for kids and beginners.

The Razor balance board has a cruising speed of approximately 8mph with a battery life long enough to support 60 mins of continuous riding. It is suitable for riders 8 years and older and has a maximum weight load capacity of 220lb.

For added night riding safety and a touch of head-turning style, the razor hovertrax includes two LED light bars that illuminate the hoverboard.

The Razor Hovertrax has been built to stand the test of time, consisting of a high quality shatter resistant frame with anti slip rubber foot platforms.  The Razor Hovertrax operates almost silently on its powerful 350watt dual hub motors and is capable of operating in two modes – one for training and one for normal use.

Summary: The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is a perfect beginner hoverboard boasting intelligent and innovative EverBalance technology; this came very close to being rated as the number 1 best hoverboard for kids – a very tight contest!




  • Professionally tuned gyro sensors
  • Improved shell durability
  • Improved motherboard
  • LED lighting for safe night riding

The new and improved Skque hoverboard is a fantastic beginner hoverboard with enhanced safety features including a stronger chassis, enhanced motherboard with professionally tuned gyro sensors for smoother and safer riding and balance and a more rugged shell for unmatched durability.

The charging system has also been updated and takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge. It is recommended not to leave it charging whilst unattended or overnight.

The hoverboard is lightweight at only 25lb, so your tween/teen could easily and independently carry it. Furthermore,  it comes in 3 different sizes: 6.5 inch, 8 inch or 10 inch and is available with or without bluetooth speakers (depending on the model you choose).

The turning radius on the Skque x1 is minimal allowing your child to navigate through narrow spaces. It is also automatic self-balancing and your child will get a much more stable, safer and easier to control ride.

Summary: A fantastic hoverboard with bluetooth and lights that is perfect for novice riders with superior features to enhance stability and control! If you are looking for the best hoverboard for kids, you won’t go wrong with Skque!




  • Safe beginner speed of approximately 7 mph
  • Lightweight at 18.9lb
  • Two riding modes – learning and standard

The Swagtron T5 specifically markets this self balancing scooter to beginners and children and have designed it with this target market in mind. The Swagtron Electric Self Balancing Hoverboard features a learning mode option that ensures you don’t exceed the maximum speed which is approximately 7 miles per hour. The smart gyroscopic technology designed and deployed across all of Swagtron’s hoverboards make riding easier and smoother so your child will be riding independently in no time.

The Swagtron T5’s compact and lightweight design has been built with high grade aluminium alloy to protect the battery pack, mainboard and gears from heat dispersion. Additionally the battery management system monitors for overheating and overcharging. Swagtron has undoubtedly designed this UL2272 certified hoverboard with safety as a priority!

Result: This inexpensive kids hoverboard is the perfect beginner board that will provide endless hours of fun and really boost your child’s confidence and independence!





  • Two Riding modes – learning and standard
  • Gear stabilization
  • UL2271 battery
  • Safe stop technology

Within minutes your kids will be having the time of their life on the Swagtron T1 hoverboard 6.5. Learning to ride the hoverboard is relatively easy with the two riding modes – learning mode and standard mode. When your child is in learning mode, the speed is controlled by the hoverboard and not by the rider. Your child will not be able to exceed the max speed limit governed by the hoverboard in learning mode. Once your child can successfully control and navigate the Swagtron T1, you can switch modes and your child can ride at the maximum speed.

Swagtron is currently the only company that has UL2271 battery certification. As long as you follow the charging instructions (i.e. not charging overnight, only charge in accordance with charging timeframes) your hoverboard will be safe from fire and explosion.

The Swagtron has been constructed with a rugged flame-resistant frame, hard shell and rubber bumpers; suitable for the beginner who may unexpectedly bump into objects.

Gear stabilization is another exciting feature which makes this a great hoverboard for kids and your child’s ride with be smoother, more balanced and easier to control.

Swagtron T1 Specs:

  • max weight load: 220lb
  • max speed: 8mph
  • charging time: 1 hour
  • product weight: 22lb
  • climbing capability: 30°

Result: Swagtron is a reputable and reliable brand commanding a large footprint in the hoverboard market. A perfect beginner hoverboard and is our number 1 rated best hoverboard for kids!

Thank you for reading our best hoverboard for kids guide and we hope you have found it informative and comprehensive. There is a vast amount of kids hoverboards on the market and our job is to conduct extensive market research to narrow down the options to a select few that are appropriate for your circumstances. We value your feedback and please don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you wish